Onyx Whitepaper

Risk Management

Cyber Risk
Cyber Risk covers all risk related to cyber attacks to our website and to our game engine. Various third-party systems and external cyber risk experts help us to reduce this risk to an acceptable level. To mitigate this risk further a cyber risk-expert will be hired into the team.
Wallet (Fraud)
To ensure sound risk management a multi signature wallet with gnosis-safe is created, where a 6-eye principle is implemented for transfer out of the team wallet. These controls allow us to provide a transparent and safer environment. All funds will be held within hot wallets.
Regulatory Uncertainty
The risk of having regulatory uncertainty is mitigated by establishing a legal structure that allows for an initial dex offering within the definitions of regulatory requirements. To mitigate this risk further Onyx is hiring a Legal Advisor to establish a sustainable outcome.
Tokenomics risk in our case is connected to the ”earn” aspect of our play AND earn game. To ensure sustainable tokenomics there are 40% allocated to the “earn” aspect. Within the game there are in- and outflowing components that mitigate the tokenomics risk.
Our Smart Contract and relevant DApps will be audited by well recognized companies (Certik, Hacken) which mitigates the risk of having flaws or issues within the ERC20 Contract.
To adhere to AML regulations, Onyx Games will within its legal entity provide yearly reports of inflows and outflows for the relevant regulatory entity.
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