Onyx Whitepaper

Problem and Solution

The Web3 industry poses chances that the Internet has shown in the early 2000s. Although, one has to realize that merging the Gaming Industry with Web3 is not a simple task, many innovators thought that it takes a few additional codes to make it worth playing for high quality and casual gamers. Nevertheless, the merging of these two industries has proven itself to be difficult as the work load of developing a game is underestimated. Furthermore, there is a lack of understanding within the Web3 industry on how a sustainable game economy can be built, which lead to the failure of many game developers within Web3. Another important topic is security. While scaling a gaming environment to make it accessible for more users and allowing gamers to earn in-game currencies, the backdoor opportunities for cyber criminals are present. Because of many risks that have not been managed competently the amount of playable games within the Web3 industry stays low.
Onyx studios analyzed over 235 Web3 Play and Earn, Play to Earn, Free Play and/to earn Games to find the main issues and develop a niche game, where players can enjoy playing without having to deal with many risks that have been seen in the past. A game has to be developed according to the target groups needs. PvP games have shown themselves to be very successful and many game studios have developed simple PvP games that have gained a sustainable follower/ gamer base. Onyx in its first stages will solely focus on improving the PvP aspects and adapt accordingly throughout the different phases (see: Broken link) and establish a gaming community first. While enabling anyone to play the game for free, additional characters, weapons and armours will be put to sale as in-game assets supporting the Onyx Ecosystem as well as the funding for the growth of Onyx. Blockchain Security firms assess the status of the gaming environment accordingly, to allow Onyx Studios to implement controls and measures reducing any cyber related risk. By allowing a dynamic game economy the sustainability of the "Earn" part of the Token Economics are adjustable according to the movements of the in-game statistics. This enables Onyx to not fix the game economy once, instead dynamically adjust the aspects also according to the player base.
We simply want to provide an enjoyable game, where you meet up with your friends and play. If interested, you'll be able to earn NFTs and in-game currency to be part of the Blockchain aspects of our game. Forcing one to play a blockchain game has never been the solution but allowing free play and if you want earn mechanics is the first step for mass adoption within the gaming industry. Quality over quantity, that is our way of approaching development.

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