Onyx Whitepaper

Play and Earn

What's the difference between Play-to-Earn (P2E) and Play-and-Earn (P&E) games?" It's a hot debate among gamers recently playing non-fungible token (NFT) games in the crypto space; in a nutshell, it's all about rewarding the players playing a game with cryptocurrencies. Before we go further, let's look back at the most popular P2E game last year. It's undisputed that Axie Infinity popularized P2E. And as Axie Infinity is re-working the game and about to introduce Axie Origins. They also change the direction from P2E to P&E. But is there a difference, or it's all marketing? If we look closely at Axie's whitepaper, they are merely renaming P2E to P&E.
Technically, P2E and P&E are the same. We play to earn or play to get a reward. However, the surge of P2E games last year and players playing for the sole purpose of making a profit created a big issue and an unsustainable economy for most P2E games. It is due to people focusing on return-of-investment (ROI) instead of playing the game to have fun and be entertained (as how a game should be). It's all about the game developer's intention. Is it for fast money like click-to-earn or about creating a fantastic video game that is fun and rewarding?
An absolute condition is applied when talking about Play to Earn: the game is played to earn money. Two variables apply to this condition: the first is that the gameplay is irrelevant since the important thing is the objective. The second is that the vision of the game is purely an investment.
P&E intends to improve the experience with mainstream-style titles that already provide a fantastic gaming experience. P&E focuses on the gameplay first model; The goal is to have fun like any traditional game and earn rewards as you play the game.
We at the Onyx studio took P&E approach from begining. Our game is built to have fun in it, with different game modes and features such as: Deathmatch, Conquer the Totem, Marauding, Dungeons, Guild system, Pets system, Tournaments and many more will follow as game developes into fully MMORPG game!
Lastly, as gamers, it's our responsibility to keep the game going. If we're only here to take ROI, the game definitely won't last long, and its token value will continuously dip. However, suppose we constantly re-invest and help the game flourish (wherein game developers have a massive role in growing the game), it can create a long-term passive flow of income, playing to have fun and making a profit on the side.

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